They’re Shooting A Movie In Fernwood – and I’ve got the inside scoop!

A Valentine’s movie is being shot in the Fernwood Square – maybe I shouldn’t mention the name, CONSIDERING I’M ABOUT TO BLOW THE LID OFF THIS THING!

What follows is my interpretation of what I saw from across the road, in a public space. Although these scenes may appear in the final movie, I have not copied them. It’s more like this is how the movie could have looked had the director put a camera over here…

There are roughly twenty paid Extras on the set, and it’s very clever how they blend in with the crowd. Are these Extras or just locals trying hard to look the part? Let’s take a look around. I bet we can piece the whole story together just based on observation, deduction, and Science!

We appear to be in a town called Waterford, and I assume it is already February 2019.

The US Postal Service mailbox tells me that as usual, any movie filmed in Canada must pretend to be taking place in the US, and further…

The “DUCKS-XING” sign, which is new, tells me they planned to be someplace rainy. Is it possible that ‘Waterford’ is near Seattle or Portland? By the way, meet our two stars. I’ve named the guy either Lance or Dirk.

I captured the next scene this morning. Here we learn that our female star works at the True Love Bookstore and Cafe. Notice the woman seated at a table reading. I’m sure she plays a regular customer and her role is to give kindly love advice because you just know there has to be some heartache, right? In fact, I’ll go out on a limb right now and tell you the general outline of the plot is boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again.

Before going any further, let’s hear it for the film crew, suffering like a bunch of half-drowned wharf-rats in the rain last night. Now I want to get to the scene where the heartache starts.

This must be the “boy loses girl” moment. Lance (or Dirk) is seated in the window of the Fernwood Coffee shop which has now been renamed to Pizza Regia. Beside him is a huge vase of flowers… and no girl. He has just dropped a letter on the counter and he looks stunned. Was it a Dear John letter?

The final scene so far… Our hero grabs the letter from the counter and leaps to his feet. What will happen next? Can young Lance or Dirk win back the heart of the young woman who remains unnamed? You’ll have to wait for the movie to come out early next year. Or, since they are filming all this week, perhaps we can figure out the entire plot to the movie before the film crew leaves town! Stay tuned!

Do you have an idea of how this movie should continue? Do I have some of this wrong? Let me know in the comments!


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