About Me

My career as a photographer began quite unexpectedly. I dreamt about it for years, and I took photos for decades, but there I was, doing IT work for engineering firms in Toronto. I needed a change. Who knows why I believed I could make it as a photographer? That was just a total leap of faith. Now check this out because it actually happened… Cathy and I sold our house and everything we owned which would not fit into a Dodge mini-van. Then we loaded that thing up and hit the road for the west coast. What an adventure!

We arrived in Victoria on a stormy Halloween night, October 31st, 2012. Our furnished sublet apartment was waiting and our good friend Jane met us with homemade soup, bread and wine. As I emptied the van and hauled every single thing we owned up the stairs, the wind was howling and the ocean waves were crashing on the beach. Just around midnight, the wind calmed and I heard music coming from the Ross Bay Cemetery. It was that piece by Bach they always play in horror movies, and it was being performed flawlessly on an accordion.

All I could think was – welcome to the west coast! Just wait till I get my camera out!

Keith Boone

Keith’s work has appeared in print, on national TV, and has been featured in art shows in Toronto and Victoria. He has achieved some success with commercial sales, commissioned work and online sales, but says he is still waiting for that big break…